Spartan Spotlight: Nadine Clarke

Our first member in the Spartan Spotlight is a past President and Charter Member of the NY Metro Chapter. Get to know one of our Spartan veterans, Nadine Clarke.

Name: Nadine Clarke
Place of Birth: Norfolk, VA
Year of Graduation: 1961
Major: BS in Business Education; MS from Hunter College (New York)

Nadine ClarkMs. Clarke, you are one of the charter members of the NY Metro Chapter. Tell us about the chapter in its infancy.
Before the NY Metro Chapter of NSU Alumni existed there was another alumni group in previous years which dissolved. The current body of alumni formed and was chartered in 1985. There were 10 members, which is enough to be chartered. Our goal was to support NSU in any way that we could. The first year we were able to donate $2,500 to the University and the next year we donated a whopping $8,800 and became #1 ahead of all the chapters. We worked very diligently during those years and struggled until we gained more and more alumni and were able to do bigger and more profitable activities.

How has the chapter evolved since its inception?
The chapter has evolved in many ways over the years. The membership grew to 20 and then 30. We supported many college fairs, provided on-site registration, held scholarship banquets for 20 years, gave personal donations, created an endowed scholarship fund, and awarded hundreds of scholarships to NY Metro students. The chapter is building on that foundation with young alumni leaders who are making inroads by providing some of the same support, setting new goals, creating new projects and they are technologically astute.

Nadine ClarkLet’s take it back a little bit… tell us about your experience when you attended NSU.
During my tenure at NSU, it was known as “Norfolk State College,” a 2-year community college, but soon became a 4 year college and eventually attained university status. I have seen tremendous changes from becoming a university with four buildings, from one residential dorm to state of the art dorms and other buildings and an impressive football stadium; from local students and staff to a global population and a beautiful sprawling campus. Academically, NSU can compete with any university and the graduates excel in all fields of study and enter impressive careers.

The school has made great strides and is still growing. What are you looking forward to seeing happen at NSU?
We have come a long way since my days at NSU and are still striving for greater excellence. The University is moving forward in positive ways with the new president, Dr. Eddie N. Moore, and he and his staff appear to be doing a great job. My hope is that NSU continues on this track of stability, significant growth and development and will find its leadership position among the top institutions of higher learning in the 21st Century.

Where do you see the chapter in the next 5 years?
I would like to see growth in members, but more so growth in commitment to the chapter and NSU and growth in donations to scholarships. Commitment to serve is more important than numbers. I would also like to see more school spirit with alumni in the metropolitan area by joining the chapter.

What would you tell alumni about joining their local NSU Alumni Chapter?
I would say, if it were not for your NSU education, you would not be where would you are today. If it were not for your NSU education, your fraternity and/or sorority membership would not have been possible. We (the New York Metro Chapter of NSU) need your time, talent and gifts. NSU is an outstanding HBCU; tell the story whenever and wherever possible.

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